Gulustan One of the famous brands of the company «TAC» is a lemonade "Gulustan". Lemonade "Gulustan" - taste of our childhood.

Sweet soft drink gives everyone's favorite flavor, great thirst quencher and an excellent decoration for any holiday and wedding receptions. Given the hints and desires of consumers LLC "TAC" produces lemonade "Gulustan" a wide range of tastes and satisfies everyone.

The company achieves this through not only high-quality water, but the use of flavorings from natural fruits and berries produced by the renowned German company «Dohler».

Bottling of soft drinks is produced in the new purchased equipment "Krones", made in Germany. "Krones" - is known worldwide for manufacturing business lines for all kinds of food products.

The new equipment allows us to produce high quality products. The entire cycle, from blowing products, and ending with the automatic loading of finished products, is completely controlled by electrical equipment. Product quality is also noted by the international certification ISO 9001:2008.

Familiar to adults and children taste of "Gulustan", was even nicer in the new packaging and a new bright floral design. The product range is diverse and provides you with such flavors as "Duchess", "Tarragon", "Feijoa", "Peach", "Cherry", "Orange" "Lemon," "Apple" and "Cola" in packages of 0.5 l, 1L, 1.5L, 2n. .