Aquavita "Aquavita" is one of the popular brands of mineral water in the local market, manufactured by "TAC", founded in 1997, the year. The source is an artesian water extracted from the depth of 420 meters in the foothills of the Caucasus mountain range in northern Azerbaijan, in a conservation area Khudat.

Difference of "Aquavita" from the other produced waters is that nature itself has created a perfectly clean, uniquely minerals balanced water and mild taste, which is offered to the consumer.

During all these years the company has paid great attention to improving the process, which affects the quality of its products.

A very significant step in this direction is the acquisition of new equipment "Krones", made in Germany. "Krones" - is known worldwide for manufacturing business lines for all kinds of food products.

The new equipment allows us to produce high quality products. The entire cycle, from blowing products, and ending with the automatic loading of finished products, is completely controlled by electrical equipment. Product quality is also noted by the international certification ISO 9001:2008.

A sip "Aquavita", where would we make, it becomes a little journey to the heights of the Caucasus Mountains. Taste of water - a reminder for those who've been there, and an invitation for those who want to get to the places from which comes to us this water.

Now you can enjoy the natural taste of mineral water "Aquavita" in the new package.