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TAC LLC Company expanded the supply of potable water and soft drinks.

TAC LLC Company expanded the supply of potable water and soft drinks.
On the eve of the 15th anniversary well-known supplier of drinking water of Azerbaijan, TAC LLC has increased the demand for quality control and shipments to the local market.

Staying true to adopted in 1997 the highest standards of quality, the producer went to the modernization of production equipment to meet growing demand of increasing system requirements and food quality control in Azerbaijan.

"The company's factory in Baku village Sulutepe installed new equipment for bottling of drinking water and soft drinks manufactured by German company Krones. Retooling not only allowed us to increase the production of ready products, but also to strengthen quality control and purification of raw water. The new equipment operates on the more stringent international standards.

“Today we can mention at least a triple control, which the water flows at the stages of pumping and from its source to the Caucasus Mountains, as well as directly on the bottling line” - said General Director of the company Yusifova Arzu. Production volumes vary depending on the packaging of the finished product - the company produces water and soft drinks in bottles of 0.5 to 2 liters.

"In parallel with the increasing demands of quality control and the internal content of the product, and changed its exterior.”  "We went to a small re-branding of our products have redesigned labels and bottles of drinking water Aquavita and soft drinks Gülüstan. The rebranding also touched the recent, but already popular lemonade Gülüstan Cola - called G-Cola. Now, we are confident that these changes have already noted by lovers of our brand, "- said Yusifova Arzu.

The quality of water Aquavita and lemonades Gülüstan confirmed by international certificates ISO 9001:2000 (obtained in 2003) and ISO 9001:2008 (2009).
"We constantly affirm compliance with these certifications and expand supervision over the quality of supplied components, which is especially important to lemonades Gülüstan and G-Cola.

This does not change the usual consumer properties of goods. We supply uses a unique pure spring water extracted from a depth of 400 meters in Khudat area. Water Aquavita has a unique balanced composition of essential minerals and trace elements necessary for human organism, and is safe in epidemiological terms, since it does not contain any pathogens.